Bandelier To Conduct Pile Burning As Winter Conditions Allow



With favorable conditions for pile and prescribed burning present, the fire crew at Bandelier National Monument are planning to burn up to 172 acres of piled fuel materials along Highway 4 throughout Bandelier.

This prescribed burn may begin as early as Feb. 19 and will continue through the winter months as conditions allow. A few days of ignitions are expected. Smoke may be visible from Highway 4 and Los Alamos. Little to no smoke impacts are anticipated to nearby communities. No road closures to Highway 4 are anticipated; however, smoke may temporarily reduce visibility along Highway 4 as crews ignite nearby piled material. Use caution and reduce speeds while driving near smoke.

The parameters for implementing a prescribed burn are based upon specific assessments, agency guidelines and safety protocols. Managers continuously monitor weather conditions during a burn including wind, temperature and relative humidity. Fuel quantity and moisture are also measured. The project will not be started unless all conditions support the burn and associated resources are available. If conditions are not right, the burn may be postponed.

Smoke/Air Quality: Information on air quality and protecting your health by using the 5-3-1 visibility method can be found online at the New Mexico Department of Health’s website at