Champions Of Youth Ambitions Receives LANL Foundation Grant

VR (1)

A LANL Foundation grant recently allowed the purchase of Virtual & Augmented Reality supplies for science education in elementary schools, with C’YA science educator, Chad Lauritzen. Courtesy photo


Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA) has gained some new gifts just before Valentine’s Day, and they hope you might consider something small too.

A grant from The Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation has moved the small non-profit to enter a new reality. That new reality is a virtual one. The purchase of Oculus goggles and Merge Cubes, will allow students to hold science in the palm of their hand, like never before. The pair when used together sends a hologram to the goggles. The VR and AR (augmented), mixed reality allows elementary students the opportunity to manipulate award winning software, within their own classroom.

“We now have the opportunity to engage students in 21st century technology,” said Chad Lauritzen, the Sci Guy. “The LANL Foundation affords us the opportunity to allow all children to play on a virtual playing field.” The grant from the foundation gave C’YA the ability to highlight the work of community members, through the Community Asset Awards, which recognized the work of many, including educators and artists. 

The gift giving opportunity still continues, with C’YA holding their annual Cookie Plate Challenge throughout the month. The team challenges community members to select one of two choices. The first is to bake a plate of cookies for an unsuspecting recipient. Photograph the cookies alone or the person that receives them and nominate them to do the same. Send C’YA the photo, so they can share the sweet on social media. If baking isn’t your idea of fun, consider donating just $5 to C’YA, to support their work in the community and around the world.

Champions of Youth Ambitions has four focus areas. Their work includes; science education in elementary schools, youth leadership, the Community Asset Awards and sending mail to local military members and their families. The recipients include several graduates of Los Alamos High School, who serve in various branches of the military. Cards, letters and postage is collected throughout the year, at the Betty Ehart Senior Center. As Valentine’s Day is just ahead, they welcome mail Monday through Friday from 8am-4:30pm and Saturdays from 10am-noon.

To learn more, contact C’YA at 505-695-9139 or email them at