LAMS ‘Art For The Sky’ Event Featured In Video

More than 600+ students and teachers from Los Alamos Middle School form the Zia symbol Jan. 22 in the school parking lot as part of Art for the Sky. Drone footage of the event captured the event. Art for the Sky is described as a unique, team building activity that helps dissolve boundaries that often exist in our daily lives. Art for the Sky was founded by Daniel Dancer, an artist, author, photographer and singer-songwriter. He has worked with a number of schools across the country to create ‘giant living paintings made of people’. The concept is based upon six teachings including intention, collaboration, interconnection, sky sight, gratitude and apology, and impermanence.  LAMS Principal Suzanne Lynne heard about Art for the Sky from a colleague at a school and invited Dancer to the school. Courtesy video

83765995_2888175947906105_7610665890845032448_oDrone photo of the Zia symbol created by students and staff of Los Alamos Middle School. Photo Courtesy Daniel Dancer