Sean Williams Announces Run For Los Alamos County Council



Sean Williams entered the race for Los Alamos County Council Monday morning with the following announcement:

“As a local small business owner, I know firsthand many of the struggles the business community endures. As a resident of Los Alamos County, I know firsthand the frustration of having two blighted downtowns. As a homeowner, I sympathize deeply with those unable to find homes of their own.

These problems are complicated, but they can be overcome. We can have vibrant commercial centers in both Los Alamos and White Rock, full of restaurants, shops, and services. We can have residential density where it’s appropriate, while preserving the character of each neighborhood. We can continue expanding our recreational options, while preserving our trails and open spaces.

This is why I’ve decided to run for Los Alamos County Council. If you want to find out how I think we can have all this, or if you want to tell me your thoughts on our county, come meet me: I’ll be at Fleur de Lys on February 14 from 10 to 12, and at Pig + Fig on February 29 from 1 to 3. Or contact me on the web, at

I hope to meet you in person, and I look forward to the opportunity to serve you on council!”