Rotary President Attorney Phil Dabney Speaks At Weekly Meeting

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At the Rotary Club of Los Alamos meeting Tuesday at Cottonwood on the Green, Club President Phil Dabney described his career path into law beginning with his studies at Northern Illinois University (DeKalb) where he was a journalism student.  After interviewing Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun for a student newspaper feature, Dabney, who had also become friends with the University’s Dean of the College of Law,
decided to go into the legal field. He began practicing in 1986, first in Illinois and then in Las Vegas, Nevada where commercial and construction law was growing as quickly as the desert city itself.  Dabney expanded his expertise into arbitration and mediation. Upon moving to Los Alamos, Dabney began practicing with Reid Griffith in 2016, establishing his own general law practice upon Griffith’s retirement. In addition to being an attorney, Dabney has also served as a judge for the Justice Court in Nevada. Photo by Linda Hull