Polaris Team Files Notice Of Intent To Apply For Charter Authorization

Members of the Polaris team at a recent meeting are, from left, Bill Hargraves, Scott Johnson, Liz Martineau and Robert Gibson. Photo by Maire O’Neill/losalamosreporter.com
The Polaris founding team recently met to discuss the future of a charter school based upon child centered, place-based learning for Los Alamos and surrounding area. The team is starting work to submit their charter school application to the Public Education Commission (PEC).

The Notice of Intent to apply for charter authorization was submitted Jan. 14 to PEC and Los Alamos Public Schools.

The Polaris team plans to apply for a state public school charter as authorized through the PEC. While it is statutorily possible for LAPS to authorize local charter schools such as Polaris, the LAPS School Board has no authorization process in place. Therefore, Polaris team does not have an option to apply to LAPS for a local District charter school.

Polaris will be a public school for grades 6, 7, and 8. As a state authorized public charter school, Polaris is open to enrollment to any students in Los Alamos and surrounding communities.

Would you like to know more about this proposed school? The Polaris team is available to present to community organizations and small groups. Contact the Polaris team at  hello@polarisschoolnm.org for more information. You may also find information on our website,  https://www.polarisschoolnm.org/, and Facebook.

Members of the Polaris team include Liz Martineau, Ken Holmes, Robert Gibson, Branden Willman-Kozimor, Scott Johnson, Amy Bartlett-Gaunt, Anna Gutierrez, and Bill Hargraves.