Sara Scott Re-Elected County Council Chair, Randy Ryti Elected Vice Chair

IMG_6652Los Alamos County Councilor Randy Ryti has been elected to serve as vice chair for 2020. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_6629Los Alamos County Councilor Sara Scott has been re-elected to serve as chair for 2020. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Los Alamos County Councilor Sara Scott will lead the Council as chair for the second time in 2020 with Councilor Randy Ryti serving as vice chair.

Councilor David Izraelevitz nominated Councilor Scott for chair and there were no additional nominations. The vote for Scott was unanimous.

Councilor Antonio Maggiore nominated Councilor Pete Sheehey for vice chair and Councilor James Robinson nominated Councilor Ryti. During the roll call, Councilors Izraelevitz, Scott, Katrina Martin, Ryti and Robinson voted for Ryti while Councilors Maggiore and Sheehey voted for Sheehey.

Prior to voting, Councilor Sheehey said that as vice chair for the past year he had cultivated an attitude of openness and respect “for each other and all the people we represent and serve”.

“I think this has helped us make some hard decisions in a healthy way. As liaison to the Board of Public Utilities I’ve successfully maintained a communicative and cooperative relationship with Council. This will be important in the future as the Board and Council make some challenging decisions,” Sheehey said, and went on to ask Councilors to support him for vice chair for his final year in office.

Councilor Ryti said he wanted the opportunity to be able to serve as vice chair because he thinks it gives an opportunity for him as a continuing Council member to explore some leadership opportunities within the Council.

Chair Scott thanked Councilor Sheehey for his service as vice chair and said it was a pleasure working with him.