Passion For The Outdoors Moves Local Photographer In A New Direction

72879372_10157459685615185_8033634068291649536_o.jpgLos Alamos photographer Samantha D’Anna in her favorite place – the outdoors. Courtesy photo

SamanthaDAnnaPhotography_Reeves-316.jpgThe Reeves Family traveled to Las Conchas for their photo shoot. Photo by Samantha D’Anna Photography

SamanthaDAnnaPhotography_Paige_Abiquiu-121Photographer Samantha D’Anna and her client Paige chose Abiquiu Lake and its beautiful views for senior photos. Photo by Samantha D’Anna Photography

IMG_6557.jpgSamantha D’Anna’s combined love of photography and the outdoors is leading her to a whole new way of running her business. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Incorporating her love of natural light portrait photography with her love of the outdoors is local photographer Samantha D’Anna’s passion.

Since she opened her Los Alamos studio two years ago, she has actually found herself doing less and less inside work and shooting more and more outdoors.

“I’m a goofy, fun, real, adventurous, outdoor photographer,” D’Anna told the Los Alamos Reporter over a cup of coffee. “Creating moments and laughter and capturing priceless memories excites me and makes me happy.”

She said she learned from some wise people not to wait to follow her passion. During the last two years she realized that many of her clients chose her as their photographer because of how she incorporates the surrounding landscape into her photos and uses the natural light of the great outdoors.

“I learned that I’m not really a studio-based photographer which is why I have decided to give up my studio space. While I have been grateful for the opportunity to do studio work, I have been paying for a great studio space that I hardly ever use,” D’Anna said, adding that operating the studio space allowed her to learn more about the business side of her photography.

So, for 2020, she will be focusing on outdoor portraits mostly of couples.

“My passion is couples, whether it’s their engagement photos, or perhaps an elopement or an intimate wedding, I believe couples are what I was meant to photograph.  I also love photographing families and doing high school senior photos,” D’Anna said.

Closing her studio does not mean that she will no longer shoot indoor portraits.

“If you want a lifestyle session inside your home, I love doing natural light indoor portraits,” she said.

D’Anna has already booked several out-of-state and in-state weddings and elopements for this year and says she can’t wait to book more.

“I want to spend my time outside with my clients having fun, playing in a river and goofing off. This is me, and this is my business, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings,” she said.

If you’re wondering how to get a hold of Samantha D’Anna Photography after Feb. 1, just go to her web page Or you can email her at or call her at (505) 257-0577.