Rio Arriba County Commissioner Leo Jaramillo To Run For Senate District 5


Leo Jaramillo/Courtesy photo


Leo Jaramillo, a Democrat from Española, has declared his candidacy for the New Mexico State Senate District 5 seat currently held by Sen. Richard Martinez.

Currently serving as a Rio Arriba County Commissioner, Jaramillo said he decided to run because there couldn’t be a more important time for “an ethical voice to prioritize equity and to represent our values of decency”.

“I will take seriously our concerns in the state legislature, including much needed support in improving our public education system, renewable energy and standing up for immigrant and human rights,” Jaramillo said. “Northern New Mexico deserves an accountable leader who understands the importance of representing the needs and concerns of my diverse constituents; across gender, sexual orientation and immigration status in District 5 with pride, dignity and heart.”

Jaramillo said he believes this election is crucial to the future of northern New Mexicans in District 5.

“We need to restore the integrity lost in District 5 by electing a candidate who not only understands the issues but who truly believes that no one is above the law and that northern New Mexicans deserve more,” he said.

Jaramillo said he plans to run an aggressive grassroots campaign and has brought in a campaign manager, treasurer and experienced pollster to assist in his quest for the Senate seat.

“I have been energized and encouraged by the large number of northern New Mexicans from Rio Arriba, Los Alamos, and Santa Fe Counties who have reached out to me and who have asked me to represent them as their Senator,” said Jaramillo. “I look forward to introducing myself and my candidacy throughout District 5 and to hear first-hand from people what they believe the major issues are affecting them in their communities and in our State.”

Jaramillo is a native of Espanola Valley, a graduate of Espanola Valley High School, the Unversity of New Mexico and the College of Santa Fe.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication and Journalism at  UNM, and a Master of Arts in Education/Curriculum Design and Instructional Leadership from the College of Santa Fe.

Jaramillo is currently a Chief of Staff/Administrative Officer at Los Alamos National Laboratory. In that role, he supports the Associate Laboratory Director of Facilities and Operations in the areas of staff development, human resources, and strategic planning.

Jaramillo also serves as the District 2 Rio Arriba County Commissioner. He said in this position he has teamed with city officials, pueblo leaders and state representatives to find solutons to issues that affect Northern New Mexicans.

“Running for the District 5 seat doesn’t mean that I will be completely leaving the county, what it means is that I will be in a position to help elevate Rio Arriba along with Los Alamos, Santa Fe, and Sandoval counties at a higher level.” Jaramillo said. “The same energy, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic I bring to the table as a commissioner to solve issues and collaborate with other elected officials will be carried over to the Senate.”

He said this is a new year, with a new journey in a new direction, “and we are stll stronger together”.

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