Well Played, Democrats!

Since impeachment began, Trump is +6 in general approval, +7 in economic approval, +600,000 in individual donors, and now he’s ahead of all Democratic contenders in head-to head competition. Well played, Democrats.
In the mean time, Trump is winning the trade war, rolling back decades-old unfair tariffs on US goods, bringing back middle class jobs, appointing 180+ conservative federal judges and 2 SCOTUS justices, upholding traditional values, refuting inaccurate racist label s with record low minority unemployment and historic support from non-white voters, and creating the climate for unprecedented economic growth.
In the midst of all this, his opponents support infanticide and the murder of the unborn, want to implement economy-wrecking socialism, want to destroy our constitution by eliminating the electoral college and adding more SCOTUS justices as well as eroding First and Second Amendment rights, and can’t tell the difference between males and females.