Jemez Riders Motorcycle Group Reminds Drivers To Watch For Motorcycles This Holiday Season

79119172_119821442829020_1786987500745523200_n.jpgLuis Sanchez, an active member of the Jemez Riders Motorcycle Group is reminding drivers to watch for motorcylists this holiday season by placing tinsel on signs along portions of highway they have adopted for litter control. Courtesy photo

79979063_121389689338862_3922150498186035200_o (1)A tree decorated by the Jemez Riders on the side of the highway. Courtesy photo

79942690_121389656005532_6643855747354460160_o (1).jpg

It’s that time of the year again, and this past weekend a few members of the Jemez Riders Motorcycle Associaton decorated a couple of trees on NM Hwy 4 to spread the joy and raise awareness. People often ask what JRMA does to raise motorcycle safety awareness. JRMA has adopted a two-mile stretch among NM Hwy 4 and have named the first mile after the Jemez Riders Motorcycle Group and the second mile stretch was named ‘Watch for Motorcycles’ to raise awareness. We are trying to save and change as many lifes as possible rising motorcycle safety awareness one mile at time, one motorist a day. Help us make the difference! Happy Holidays! Watch For Motorcycles!WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES!