Chamisa K-Kids Bring Holiday Cheer To Sombrillo Residents

This is our third annual trip to Sombrillo Nursing Facility.  Chamisa K-Kids are sponsored by the Los Alamos Kiwanis - Roger Stutz and led by Advisors Michaelangelo Lobato & Renee Mitsunaga .jpgChamisa Elementary School K-Kids made their third visit to Sombrillo Nursing Home. They are led by advisors Michaelangelo Lobato and Renee Mitsunaga. K-Kids is sponsored by Roger Stotz and the Los Alamos Kiwanis Club. Courtesy photo

Megan Lee, third grade teacher at Chamisa & her son, James joined in the singing.jpgChamisa Elementary School third grade teacher Megan Lee and her son James joined in the singing at Sombrillo Nursing Home. Courtesy photo

Fifth graders enjoyed spreading the spirit of the holidays.jpgChamisa Elementary School K-Kids enjoying their visit to Sombrillo Nursing Home to speard the spirit of the holidays. Courtesy photo

Chamisa K-Kids spread holiday cheer to the residents at Sombrillo. Sixth grade teacher, Cindy Richard, joined in the singing accompanied by ukulele & piano with Kim Letellier, music teacherChamisa K-Kids spread holiday cheer to residents at Sombrillo Nursing Home. Sixth grade teacher Cindy Richard joined in the singing accompanied by ukelele and piano with music teacher Kim Letelier. Courtesy photo