Girls Discovery Workshop Draws 32 Participants

Culture_Diversity Trees (1).jpgParticipants in the PROUD session use art to learn about culture and diversity. Photo Courtesy JJAB

Fashion session (1).jpgAnna Dillane, owner of Boomerang Consignments, discusses fashion and confidence with the participants in the Fashion Session durirng the Nov. 2 Girls Discovery Workshop. Photo Courtesy JJAB

Jennifer Macy registrationVolunteer Jennifer Macy with Merrick & Co, welcomes and registers participants.  The event was possible due to generous funding from N3B, Title Guaranty, LLC, Del Norte Credit Union, Shay and Sam Kendricks, Los Alamos Cooperative Market, UNM-LA, Los Alamos Public Schools, and Los Alamos JJAB. Photo Courtesy JJAB

Group photo (1)Some 32 girls from grades 6-8 participated in the Nov. 2 Girls Discovery Workshop. Activities included sessions on healthy relationships, self-defense, being confident, snowboarding and BMX, culture/diversity, roller derby, the ins and outs of social media, and dance. Photo Courtesy JJAB