LAFD Promotions And Retirements Celebrated Thursday

All promotions.jpg

A group of Los Alamos Fire Department personnel celebrated Thursday for their recent promotions are, from left, Driver Engineer Raymond Barela, Captain Tony Garcia, Captain Adrian Carabajal, Driver Engineer Allen Quintana, Captain Adam Martinez, Driver Engineer Brandon Torrey, Battalion Chief Micah Brittelle, Battalion Chief Todd Forsythe, Captain Joseph DeFranco and Fire Chief Troy Hughes. Not pictured are Driver Engineer Zach Shriver and Driver Engineer John Bialy. Photo Courtesy LAFD


Los Alamos Fire Department celebrated nine promotions Thursday and the retirements of three staff members.

Newly-promoted were:

  •  Battalion Chief Micah Brittelle
  •  Battalion Chief Todd Forsythe
  • Captain Joseph DeFranco
  • Captain Adam Martinez
  • Captain Adrian Carabajal
  • Captain Tony Garcia
  • Driver Engineer Allen Quintana
  • Driver Engineer Brandon Torrey
  • Driver Engineer Raymond Barela
  • Driver Engineer Zach Shriver
  • Driver Engineer John Bialy

Retiring employees celebrated were:

  • Battalion Chief Joseph Candelaria
  • Firefighter Joy Lopez
  • Senior Office Specialist Bernadine Martinez
  • Battalion Chief Paul Grano
  • Battalion Chief Michael Gill
  •  Battalion Chief Jeffrey Wetteland
  • Captain Wayne Sanchez
  • EMS Training Coordinator Donna McHenry