Nominations Open For Annual Community Asset Awards


The Community Asset Award made by Richard Ronquillo. Courtesy photo


The official kickoff, to the unofficial reason for the season has arrived, and you can join the effort. The annual Community Asset Award nomination process has begun and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Foundation, hopes you’ll let us know, the who, what, when, where and why? Who are you thankful for, and what do you want the community to know about their work?

The simple process, is able to be done on-line, in writing or if needed, by phone. The Community Asset Awards, allows you to recognize those that live, work or school in our community, for the local, national or international work they do, to make this planet a little better. The program allows the recognition of youth, adults, clubs, organizations or businesses, which are then highlighted in an annual ceremony. The ceremony is the first-time nominees learn who nominated them and why.

You can learn more at or request a nomination form by emailing, calling or texting (505) 695-9139. The process is open until 5 p.m. on Dec. 20  so don’t save it until the last minute. The inaugural event, 11 years ago, was guided by the Search-Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets. The assets are the traits, experiences and characteristics, both internally and externally, that help young people become successful adults. You can learn more about their work at