Morrie Pongratz Is My Choice For School Board District 3



I have only had the pleasure of knowing Morrie Pongratz for about 9 years now – a blip on the timeline of his service to our town. I first met him when my oldest daughter began attending Key Club at Los Alamos High School.  Over her 4 years of involvement with Key Club, it was a joy to watch her grow and eventually become a leader in the club.  Morrie is an adult sponsor of the club and always there supporting the youth and joyfully participating in their events. My youngest daughter was also a Key Club member throughout high school and learned so much through her involvement. Morrie helps the children develop the pleasure of service to others and learn that being a part of a community can be fulfilling and inspiring.

I have also had the pleasure of witnessing Morrie share his time with younger students.  I work in the office at Aspen School and we see Morrie regularly at Aspen. He comes in weekly to read to or tutor children. If we need a judge for the Spelling Bee or the Speech Contest – Morrie is there. He is always willing to support the staff and the children. It is a joy to see him every week and see the kindness and respect that he gives to each person.

Our community has learned the truth that comes from leading by example through Morrie. We are all better with positive, involved leadership. I am so grateful that Morrie Pongratz is willing to serve our teachers, students and community by serving on our LAPS School Board. Morrie Pongratz is my choice for LAPS School Board District 3.

Edie May Phillips