Group Spends Almost Eight Hours Cleaning Up Stretch of Main Hill Road

72860059_401408314134529_3011272352286638080_nSome of the volunteers who participated in the Jemez Riders Motorcycle Group’s cleanup Saturday on the Main Hill Road pose with some of the trash they collected. Courtesy photo

IMG_5518 (1).jpgTwo volunteers pick up items of trash varying from items to clothing to diapers, cans, bottles and pieces of siding alongside the Main Hill Road Saturday morning. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

IMG_5517.jpgA volunteer watches out for traffic near the White Rock rock intersection on the Main Hill Road Saturday morning. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Jemez Riders Group chair Richard Sturgeon heads up the Main Hill Road Saturday morning to place a traffic safety cone during the groups clean-up. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


It took some 7 ½ hours Saturday for members of the Jemez Riders Motorcycle Group and others to gather dozens of bags of trash from the Main Hill Road Saturday.

“We’d like to thank all the volunteers that showed up for the event.  We’d also like to thank the Los Alamos Reporter for always supporting us. We had some amazing Los Alamosians who gave up part of their weekend to help clean up this special area leading into and out of our town,” said Richard Sturgeon, chair of the group.

Sturgeon also thanked motorists passing through the area from the Anderson Overlook to the White Rock intersection for their patience.

“ We caused a little bit of delay at times but we think it was worth it,” he said.

A column written by Sturgeon, which was published in the Los Alamos Reporter, What Is Wrong With Us?  has drawn a lot of attention.