Vote For David Hampton – A New Voice And Vision For UNM-LA

Donna MacDonald.jpg

Dear Editor:

I ask the community to vote David Hampton for the UNM-LA Advisory Board, Position 3.   We need new and fresh voices at the table to move our community forward.  I certainly appreciate his vision to push UNM-LA towards becoming a 4 year Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) university.   We keep losing our brightest and best students to out-of-state colleges, and a local 4 year college par excellence could encourage them to stay.   There would be stubborn resistance from UNM Main Campus, of course, so this initiative would require strong community support and local funding.  It would be a far greater return on tax payer investment than a hotel conference center and an expanded kiddie pool (that citizens have already rejected in May 2017).

In a wealthy and highly educated town such as ours, it’s hard to believe we couldn’t have our own 4 year STEM college.  Towns smaller than ours have accomplished this mission.  Northern New Mexico College in Espanola is a prime example.

A STEM college would be tremendous asset to LANL.  From the beginning of a student’s academic career, interested students could have a special “track” that prepares them directly for LANL employment right after graduation.   Important details could begin early as to form a strong transition between learning and career.

A 4 year college would strengthen our community’s education in the trades and vocational skills.  It would also directly benefit our local economy.  A new influx of students would help our small business owners.

Please join me in voting for David Hampton, an experienced person with fresh ideas!

Donna MacDonald