Vote Yes For School Bond

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When my wife and I decided to move back to White Rock with our two young children more than a decade ago, I knew one thing for certain: Our kids would receive a great education. A White Rock native, I grew up in the Los Alamos Public School system, going first to Chamisa Elementary and then to the Middle and High Schools. I knew first-hand the high quality of education here and was excited to know that our kids would benefit from the same. And they have.

We’ve been fortunate that our kids have had great experiences all the way through their education—starting at Pinon Elementary, and then at the Middle School, and now at Los Alamos High School. But there’s no question, the elementary schools in White Rock are showing their age. And, if we don’t address the facility needs now, it will negatively impact future students’ education.

That’s why I enthusiastically support voting yes on the school bond. A yes vote—which will not increase your taxes—will enable the Public Schools and the School Board to finish the job of refurbishing all of the schools in Los Alamos County. With a yes vote, the two White Rock schools—Pinon Elementary and Chamisa Elementary—will finally have the infrastructure to match the quality of the education and the teaching that have existed there for decades.

Even though my kids are no longer elementary age, I believe we all have a duty to ensure the schools are ready for the next generation of students. I’m excited to see the new families moving to Los Alamos County, including the many who will be moving soon to new homes now under construction in White Rock. I believe it’s time to ensure that these great White Rock elementary schools can serve the town’s kids for another 50+ years.

I urge you to join me in voting yes for the school bond for the statement it makes about what this community believes in. Fundamentally, I believe we are a town that values education, and I think we can all agree that in order for students to thrive, they need to be in classrooms and schools that are modern, functional, and conducive to learning.

Please make your voice heard and vote. Early voting is underway right now, or you can vote on election day November 5, 2019. Thank you.

David Lyons
Committee Member
Los Alamos School Bond Election Committee