LAPS: Saving Energy, Saving Money


LAPS is observing Energy Awareness Month. Image Courtesy LAPS


In a continued effort to reduce energy consumption across the district, the Los Alamos Public Schools recognizes the importance of turning off non-essential energy consumption devices in work spaces when staff is gone for a holiday. Not only is this practice environmentally conscious, it is also financially prudent.  

The Energy Specialist at LAPS, Curtis Terrill, sends reminders to all staff before school holidays and breaks with friendly tips on how to properly prepare their workspace and surrounding area to reduce energy waste. 

October is Energy Awareness Month, so Terrill distributed a flyer to all staff this week with ideas on how to do their part this month and also prepare for the long weekend. The flyer included suggestions like closing classroom doors when using air conditioning or heating, and turning the thermostat down or off at the end of the day as well as turning off all lights. 

This is one example of the ongoing process to reduce energy consumption and save money at LAPS. To learn more, contact Terrill at