Julia Baker Impressed Me

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As the candidates gave their closing statements at the end of the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum last Thursday, I heard the woman sitting next to me say, “I want to vote for her [referring to Julia Baker], but she’s not in my district”. I am fortunate to live in District 4, and after hearing the candidates speak, I am excited to vote for Julia Baker.

Julia Baker impressed me with her knowledge of educational philosophy. She referred to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs as a roadmap to supporting our students in their individual path to success. She impressed me with her personal experience as both a K/12 teacher and a parent–understanding that all stakeholders in our community need time “to be a person.”

Julia spoke with a ready smile and a confident delivery that put the room at ease. She said that improving communication between the school board, teachers, parents, and other community groups was one of her top priorities. According to her Facebook page, she recently knocked on her 600th door during this campaign. That type of dedication shows me that she isn’t just speaking platitudes. She is willing to get out and talk to people and listen to what they have to say. We need a member of the school board who is approachable and who values input from the community. Julia is both of those.

I also appreciate that Julia is knowledgeable of issues affecting our schools and our students. She understands the frustration of parents with children whose needs are not currently being met. She is aware of legislation that will affect budgets and curriculum. She recognizes that we cannot expect our students to fit into a narrow, cookie-cutter definition of success, and that we need to support the whole student.

I wholeheartedly support Julia Baker. She is the right choice for school board this election.

Bethany Scott