School Board Needs New And Diverse Voices



I have known Christine Bernstein since our daughters were in first grade together at Aspen School. At the time, Christine taught in Los Alamos and was known for being an approachable, dedicated teacher. When I spent time with her, we often discussed the needs of students and the ways those needs were—and were not—being met. 

Now Christine teaches in Pojoaque, where she continues to educate herself on better ways to approach teaching. She is the best kind of teacher: professional, involved, and passionate about education.

I was excited when I heard that Christine was running for the Los Alamos School Board. I have felt for many years that the School Board needs new voices, and diverse experiences, to better inform the lives of our students. Christine is tireless in her pursuit of learning strategies for her students, not just those at the top of the class, but those for whom traditional approaches simply don’t work.

Christine also understands that our students are best served by teachers who are backed by a supportive administration. Whether it is funding for an innovative project or a dedication to securing resources for our teachers’ professional development, she will be a supportive presence for our teachers on the School Board.

We need Christine’s voice on the Los Alamos School Board. Her energy and enthusiasm, her varied experience, and her dedication to her profession would benefit all of our students.

Ellen McBee