Promise Made, Promises Kept: Los Alamos Middle School

LAMS square (1).jpg

Los Alamos Middle School. Photo Courtesy LAPS


In 2012, construction began on the Los Alamos Middle School to replace buildings that were over 40 years old. Work was completed in October 2013. This is another example of a promise made and kept.  The vote this November will support improvements at the elementary schools in White Rock without increasing tax rates.

The original 100 and 500 wings, which housed classrooms, were replaced with a two-story building with 8th grade classrooms on the upper level and 7th grade classrooms below.  The project also included renovations to the 200 wing, as well as upgrades to the cafeteria and kitchen. 

Suzanne Lynne, new principal at LAMS, is impressed with the layout of the campus and the accessibility and functionality of the space.  “The layout of the building is great,” said Lynne. “We like that the upstairs and downstairs layouts are the same. It makes the building easy to navigate.” 

“The views from every window are beautiful,” Lynne added.

Classrooms are equipped with increased storage space and better technology.  The layout of the courtyard makes it easier for students to access other buildings on campus, including the cafeteria, gym and music rooms.

“We are grateful for the support of the voters for our schools and our students,” said Supt. Kurt Steinhaus. “The School Board made a promise to the community to improve our facilities across the district, and they are keeping that promise.”

Thank you tours of Los Alamos High School and Barranca Mesa Elementary School are scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 5th between 10 a.m. and noon, starting on the hour and half hour. Refreshments will be provided. Participants should plan to meet in the Duane Smith Auditorium lobby for tours of the high school. For tours of Barranca Mesa Elementary, go through the front doors and head to the cafeteria.

Early voting opens on Oct. 8.  Election day is Nov. 5.  If you need to register to vote, go to