Letter Of Recommendation For Morrie Pongratz

Letter for Morrie Pongratz.jpg

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of Morrie Pongratz for the Los Alamos Public Schools School Board. Throughout my time at Los Alamos High School, I had the opportunity of working with him through Los Alamos High School’s Key Club.

I began working closely with Morrie in my senior year of high school (2017-2018) when I served as a Lieutenant Governor for the Southwest District Key Club.  I had to train Key Club board members around the area, plan fundraisers, and attend meetings in Arizona and Texas. This job was extremely challenging for me, but Morrie was incredibly supportive of me in this role. He never failed to show up for me or any other students in Key Club. He was instrumental in sending both the president of LAHS Key Club and myself to the International Convention in Chicago, where we were able to take workshops and learn how to be better leaders. Morrie is incredibly invested in students’ education and leadership.

Now, I am a sophomore at Wellesley College, and Morrie is still interested  in my goals and achievements.  This year, I am a resident assistant, and I volunteer at Boston Health Care for the Homeless. I still carry with me the lessons I learned through my time in LAHS Key Club. Morrie was the most dedicated and determined Kiwanis sponsor, and his passion for community service inspired many students, including me, to get involved and make our community better. Morrie gives so much time and energy to the students in Los Alamos, and he would be an invaluable addition to the School Board.

Sydne Ashford