Family Seeks Information About Beating Of 23-Year Old Man Monday Evening Near Mesa Public Library



The family of a 23-year old Los Alamos man who was beaten up Monday evening outside Mesa Public Library is asking anyone who saw anything to call the Los Alamos Police Department.

The victim has bipolar disorder, PTSD and Asperger’s, his mother told the Los Alamos Reporter.

“He doesn’t drive and has a hard time with social interactions. He walked to the library at 9:30 p.m. Monday eveningt to return his library books, had his headphones on and was singing, and was jumped and attacked and beaten by a thug while two teens watched,” his mother said. “A passing possibly brown SUV with tinted windows slowed way down and almost stopped, at which point the attacker and his friends ran off. The driver of the SUV drove away, leaving my special-need’s son bleeding and dazed in the median of the road. They didn’t call 911 or anything.”

The victim’s mother said he was able to call 911 and eventually figure out where he was so that police officers and emergency responders could locate him and transport him to the emergency room at Los Alamos Medical Center. He suffered a concussion, had two big lumps on his head and had to have seven stitches under his eye,” she said.

“The only positives in this story are that the LAPD officers and Los Alamos Fire Department personnel were wonderfully kind and gentle,” she said.

The victim described the man who attacked him as white, blonde, mid-to-late 20s with a chin-strap beard. He described the two teens as Hispanic and high-school age.

“One of the teens had the decency to pick up his glasses off the road and hand them to him at least,” his mother said.  “If you know anything about this incident or can identify the people involved, please call LAPD Dispatch, (505) 662-8222. We are heartsick that this happened to him and need your help to find his attackers.”