Beaver Reintroduced In To Rito De Los Frijoles At Bandelier National Monument


During the past week, three beavers were reintroduced in to Rito de los Frijoles at Bandelier National Monument marking the first time beaver have been above Upper Falls since the 1950’s. Beaver are a keystone species meaning that many other species and the ecosystem as a whole are reliant on their presence. Beaver raise the water table, modulate stream flow, improve water quality, and increase biodiversity. We have high hopes that our new residents will help increase water storage, control vegetation, reduce water temperatures, and improve wildlife habitat within Frijoles. Photo Courtesy NPS

beaver 2.jpg

All three beaver came from the Taos area where their activity was conflicting with humans and without relocation the beaver would have been euthanized. The beaver all survived the reintroduction which is rare as the stress of relocation is commonly lethal. Photo Courtesy NPS

beaver 3.jpg

Bandelier officials say their success with the relocation of the three beavers is likely due to the numerous folks who stepped up to assist with the challenging operation with little advance notice. They offered their thanks to New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, as well as Bandelier staff members Sarah Milligan, Carolina May, Brian Faith, Erin Todd, Bob Loy, Grace McCartha, Keegan Tranquillo, Taylor Edwards, Lori Young, and Dulce Flores for their enthusiastic help. Photo Courtesy NPS