Thank You Los Alamos – Valerie Plame Meet And Greet

During a very busy Thursday evening in Los Alamos last week, more than 140 enthusiastic guests joined us for a Meet and Greet for Valerie Plame, candidate for US Congress New Mexico District 3. Thanks to Pueblo Canyon Inn for hosting the venue, thank you to the news reporters who covered the event and especially many thanks to each of our guests who participated in the democratic process of learning about and hearing from Valerie Plame.
With gratitude,
Karyl Ann & Kenneth Armbruster
Ann Beyer
Tom Csanadi
Anagha Dandekar
Madhavi Garimella
Betty Gunther
Bill Hargraves
Marvel Harrison
Jennifer & Ken Holmes
Rashi Iyer
Harshini Mukundan
Neha Sadasivan