LANL Researchers Join MOSAiC Team To Travel To The Arctic

Mosaic team.jpgLos Alamos National Laboratory researchers are underway! The Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate, MOSAiC,  #MOSAiCexpedition launched Friday to head to the Arctic for a critical scientific mission. “This is the largest experiment ever conducted in the Arctic,“ said Jim Bossert, Earth and Environmental Sciences Division Leader at Los Alamos. “The data collected has the potential to transform our understanding of the way the Arctic is responding to climate change—so important to improving our ability to predict global climate impacts of a rapidly changing Arctic environment.” To learn more about the expedition, check out this article: Photo Courtesy DOE

StairsLos Alamos National Lab’s Paul Ortega and David Chu of the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division board the Polarstern with others to head north to the Arctic and get locked in ice. Photo Courtesy LANL

FIDO team leader Jeff Heikoop, far left, FIDO program manager Heath Powers, center and Los Alamos’ Earth and Environmental Sciences division leader Jim Bossert with atmospheric instrumentation the team installed aboard the Polarstern. Photo Courtesy LANL