An Open Letter To Congressman Ben Ray Lujan On Welcoming The President

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Santa Fe

President Trump has a campaign visit scheduled for Monday, September 16 in Rio Rancho. In response, Congressman and senatorial candidate Ben Ray Lujan sent out a Facebook statement saying, “…President Trump is the antithesis of everything New Mexico stands for.  His values are not our values.” In the next paragraph Congressman Lujan writes, “Rio Rancho is in my district, and anyone who undermines the safety, security or way of life of our communities, isn’t welcome here.”

Congressman Lujan, I am a New Mexican in your district and while I respect that you do represent me, you do not represent my values and I find your lack of respect for the office of the president and your position on not supporting our immigration laws to be most disconcerting. We New Mexicans have several political parties, representing different values, some of which are not yours. The Congress in which you serve is composed of a mix of these values and our Congress has passed laws that govern our immigration policy. For you to suggest they be ignored is disrespecting our democratic-Republic.

Is your statement about anyone who undermines the safety, security and way of life referring to the opposition organizers like Javier Benavidez and other left wing community organizers who are planning to disrupt the president’s visit by causing mayhem on the streets and in the rally or are you referring to the president who plans a peaceful rally to speak to the voters in your district?

The left-wing-progressive cabal who practice ANTIFA type tactics is a far greater danger to democracy than our duly elected president.

While you may disagree with the president’s position, I find your comments to beneath those of a member of Congress and certainly not to the standard required of the higher office of Senator, to which you aspire.