LAHS Class Of 1989 Issues Fundraising Challenge To Classes Of 1969 And 1979

Class Reunion


The Los Alamos High School classes of 1969 and 1979 will be holding their reunions in Los Alamos during homecoming weekend, September 20-22. Alumni from both classes are encouraged to attend and catch up with friends and classmates. Additionally, the LAHS class of 1989 is issuing a friendly challenge to their fellow classes to help raise money for the Los Alamos Public Schools Foundation (LAPSF).

The Class of 1989 held its 30th reunion in early August and completed a successful fundraising campaign for the Foundation. The class raised more than $10,000, which will be invested back into the local schools to help make the best possible educational experience for students here in Los Alamos. See the results at

Dave Lyons and Stephanie Archuleta of the Class of 1989, and both board members of LAPSF, had challenged their classmates to “give back to the schools that gave you your start.”

Lyons said, “Thank you again to the Class of 1989 who responded tremendously to the challenge, and whose generosity will help further improve the quality of education in Los Alamos. Stephanie and I are hoping to make this a Los Alamos tradition for all classes that come home for their reunions.”

Archuleta added, “I think this is a fun way to create some friendly competition amongst the classes, and to have it all benefit the local schools at the same time. I think we all recognize that the Los Alamos schools played a huge role in shaping who we became.”

The LAPS Foundation has created web pages for the classes of 1969 and 1979 so alumni can make their donations to their class and join in the competition. For the Class of 1969, alumni can make donations at For additional questions on the Class of 1969 reunion, please visit their Facebook page at LAHS ’69 50 Year Class Reunion or email them at

For the Class of 1979, alumni can make donations at For additional questions on the class of 1979 reunion, please visit the reunion web page at or email them at

Lyons and Archuleta noted, “Reunions are great for catching up with classmates, friends and teachers, and this is a way for everyone to participate, whether they can attend in person or not. We had several folks unable to attend, but who could participate from afar by joining in the fundraising challenge. Thanks to both classes of 1969 and 1979 for joining the competition.”