Bradbury Science Museum Receives Environmental Award

p2.jpgImage Courtesy LANL


Last month staff at the Bradbury received a silver-level Patricia E. Gallagher Environmental Award for promoting a healthy environment, advancing environmentally responsible practices, and bringing its customer service model to a completely new level.

In collaboration with the Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Environmental Stewardship and Leased Space groups, the Museum created a sanitization station in its loading dock to sanitize objects used in our educational programs and at the children’s table. Regular use of this “sani-station” will lessen the transmission of viruses and bacteria between all our guests, and especially between the younger ones.

The team also substantially diminished the need for customers to purchase paper or plastic products for Lab events held at the Bradbury. The Museum now stocks a full complement of catering-quality, re-useable dishes and utensils for all Lab events, from small working groups to large receptions. This transition from single-use to re-useable, porcelain dinnerware decreases the Lab’s waste stream and saves the Lab money. It also means that Bradbury staff can offer a new and improved catering experience for its customers.

The Patricia E. Gallagher Environmental award program recognizes exemplary achievement in waste reduction, improved waste management, innovation that leads to environmental improvement, and environmental education. The Bradbury Science Museum is proud to support these initiatives and thrilled to incorporate them into our culture of first-class customer service.

Please visit the Lab’s Environmental Stewardship webpage for more information on their environmental programs.