Genie Stevens Of Global Warming Express To Speak At Aug. 20 Lunch With A Leader



The League of Women Voters’ Aug. 20 Lunch with a Leader community event will be in Mesa Library at 11:45 a.m.and will feature Genie Stevens from the Global Warming Express. Genie was born in New York City and grew up surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, on Cape Cod and then, Nova Scotia. She attended Dalhousie University in Canada, Emerson College in Boston, Harvard University in Cambridge and the University of New Mexico for studies in Theatre Direction, Education, Psychology and Cross-Cultural Communication.

Genie has lived, for the most part, in New Mexico since 1993, where she has raised her daughter, Marina, who instigated the idea for the after-school program, The Global Warming Express, based upon the book by the same name that Marina wrote to give to President Obama,

Being raised by an ocean scientist in a naturalist family caused Genie to be a life-long advocate for nature and, in 2012, she decided to dedicate her work exclusively to the environment, and specifically, to bringing education about climate change and the solutions, to children and youth.

If you would like to order a $10 lunch from the CO+OP, please email Karyl Ann Armbruster at or call her at 505.231.8286.  There is an extensive menu. Orders must be placed by Saturday, Aug. 17.