Crossing The Line?

Aaron Walker 2


I had the opportunity to read the article Los Alamos County Councilor David Izraelevitz wrote for the Los Alamos Daily Post. This wasn’t a letter to the editor, but a full blown article on the front page of the print newspaper as well as posted online.

In this letter, he used three quarters of it to talk about his recent experiences in Los Alamos and Santa Fe. It was all rather innocuous until you got to the last little bit. He ended the article with “the president is a racist”.

This was shocking to me. First of all, this wasn’t a county councilor voicing his own personal opinion in a letter to the editor. This was a representative of the county, using his position to write an article with the sole purpose of taking a political pot shot at the president.

I am not arguing the point made in the article. I am not defending the actions of our president. However, when did it become acceptable for a county councilor to utilize his position to take political jabs? That is not a good representation of the position he holds within this community. If you want to take political jabs at people, do it in the forum of letter to the editor where the rest of us get to voice our opinion, and not from your post as a county councilor.

Aaron Walker
White Rock