LANL ChemCam Engineering Operations Team Throws Pajama Pizza Party

66135589_2104527526339743_8178261869304217600_oLANL NEWS: What do you do when the Martian day starts late and you need to keep an eye on the Curiosity rover? You throw a pajama pizza party, of course! The Engineering Operations Team for Los Alamos National Laboratory’s ChemCam instrument donned PJs and slippers to keep things interesting while they worked a late shift. “Planning a day’s activities for ChemCam takes a full day on Earth,” said Lisa Danielson, the team leader. “It’s important to keep everyone energized and involved, and pizza and pajamas are a good way to do it.” The ChemCam instrument sits atop the mast of NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover and shoots Martian rocks with a laser to determine their chemical make-up. It was developed at LANL in conjunction with the French space agency and played a key role in the discovery of the existence of an ancient lake on the Red Planet. Photo Courtesy LANL