Identity Of Person Who Died In Saturday’s Crash On N.M. 502 Released

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A 29-year old woman from Dallas, Tex., Colleen O’Bannon, succumbed to her injuries following a Saturday afternoon crash on N.M. 502 near Anderson Overlook, according to Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Juan Rios.

The passenger in the vehicle who was transported to Los Alamos Medical Center has been identified as 27-year old Emma Garelick of Denton, Tex. The driver of the semi-truck involved in the accident was named as Robert Erickson.

Rios told the Los Alamos Reporter two agencies are still investigating the crash – Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office is investigating the fatality and the New Mexico State Police are looking into the safety aspects of the tractor-trailer.

Santa Fe Sheriff’s Office spokesman Juan Rios told the Los Alamos Reporter a semi commercial vehicle jack-knifed going down the hill. He said a small SUV hit a rear end tire of the semi and rolled onto its top. The driver of the SUV succumbed to injuries received. The driver of the truck was uninjured.

The Main Hill road was closed for some eight hours following the crash which happened  at 1:30 p.m. Initial reports from SFCSO indicated that the truck jack-knifed going down the hill and that the SUV hit a rear tire rolled onto its top.