Is It Still Possible To Be A Christian And A Republican?

Roy M Moore

Dear Editor,

I have to wonder if it is still possible to be a Christian and a Republican.  Concerning the immigrants in holding cells, our president just said “If they are unhappy with the conditions, tell them just not to come.”  There is no interpretation of the teachings of Jesus that allow any of us to reject an immigrant, legal or not.  We are taught that all humans are our brothers and sisters and that God lives within each and every one of them and we should treat them as we would want to be treated.  If your brother or sister was trying to get to America to escape certain death in their country, how would you treat them?

Calling upon fear, to unite a political party is calling upon our animal origin rather than looking to, and trusting, a loving God.  Anyone that has truly found God has nothing to fear, as Jesus has promised that in heaven, he will heal any wounds you receive in your mortal life and reward you for following the will of the Father.  The devil (Caligastia) really is a clever fellow.  He uses our animal fears to make religious people completely forget the teachings of the Master.  He is also clever in the way he has convinced so many people that he no longer exists, or that he has been made ineffective.  How can one look at World War or 911 or the current climate in the mideast and not perceive that evil is trying hard to tear us apart, while Jesus is patiently offering the opportunity to all, to love each other and to come together to make our planet a better place to live for all human beings.

Jesus is the creator (along with the Holy Spirit) of our local universe of things and beings.  Thus he truly is the truth in all things physical and spiritual.  The rejection of truth, at any level, is a rejection of Jesus.  The rejection of climate change by many “leaders” is a rejection of the truth created by the very Jesus they say they worship.  When someone lies to me one time, I remember it and remain suspicious of them for the rest of my life.  When someone lies constantly, I allow them no input in my life since they are in complete denial of the truths of our universe and the teachings of Jesus.  And when people follow, repeat, and rejoice in these lies, then truth has given way to the only one who profits from all this disorder, the devil himself.

“Truth is living; the Spirit of Truth is ever leading the children of light into new realms of spiritual reality and divine service.  You are not given truth to crystallize into settled, safe, and honored forms.  Your revelation of truth must be so enhanced by passing through your personal experience that new beauty and actual spiritual gains will be disclosed to all who behold your spiritual fruits and in consequence thereof are led to glorify the Father who is in heaven.”  We should not judge others, but we must be fruit inspectors.  What are the fruits of our president and his party?  Do they unite us in Christian love?

“In the next world you will be asked to give an account of the endowments and stewarships of this world.  Whether inherent talents are few or many, a just and merciful reckoning must be faced.  If endowments are used only in selfish pursuits and no thought is bestowed upon the higher duty of obtaining increased yield of the fruits of the spirit, as they are manifested in the ever-expanding service of men and the worship of God, such selfish stewards must accept the consequences of their deliberate choosing.”

By their fruits shall you know them.  Is politics more important than religion?  Is it good to mix politics and religion? Do our leaders bring people together as the brotherhood of man, or do they deliberately cause discourse and mistrust of our brothers and sisters?  Is the truth important to you and are you willing to follow truth wherever it leads you?  Are our leaders servants of the people or servants of themselves?  Is it Christian to mock others and to look down upon those less fortunate?  Is a country great because some are making a lot of money, or is a country great when it is moral and all citizens are treated equally?  Should our nation be building up treasures on Earth or in heaven?

I consider myself an independent conservative, yet I find the Republican Party leadership conserves nothing, except its own power and the power of those that keep them in office, exploits the weaknesses and fears of their followers, and puts the party ahead of human progress, moral government, and the love of all of God’s creatures.  No matter their background, country of birth, religion, or any other characteristics, we are all children of God.  He lives within all normal mortals on this planet.  To mistreat the least of these is to mistreat God and Jesus at the same time.  I beg those that follow this president to look very carefully for the truth and if you find none in him, then you must follow the truth, or answer to another judge at another time in the future, and in heaven, your very intentions are known so you can’t lie.

The 2020 Update to The Urantia Book clearly says that the actions of Caligastia and his cohorts, both supernatural and Urantian mortal, are the last stages of the Lucifer rebellion.  Those that choose to fight rebellion on their home planet gain a status that continues throughout your heavenly career.  They are called agondonters, which means “those that believe without seeing.”  I would invite all those who call themselves Christian to search for the truth, fight rebellion and gain status in heaven.  You will never be sorry.  But if you worship your political party, you may be sorry in the future, when Jesus asks you to explain yourself.

Moore later, if it be the will of God and the Reporter.

Roy M. Moore
Los Alamos