Champions Of Youth Ambitions Seeks More Mail To Send To Servicemen and Servicewomen

Letter2 (1).JPGThe above letter is one of a group of letters sent to more servicemen and servicewomen  with ties to the Los Alamos community. Letters are sent to more than 10 service men and women with ties to our community.  The above letter  was written by a local student and sent in time for the Fourth of July as part of an ongoing program sponsored by Champions of Youth Ambitions (C’YA). C’YA needs more mail to send during the summer months and welcomes cards, letters, postcards, notes with short or longer messages, and drawings. Donations of postage are also welcome. Items can be dropped off at the Betty Ehart Senior Center or a call for large pick ups can be made to 505.695.9139. You can also check out their website at Courtesy photo