NNSA Announces Availability of Complex Transformation Supplemental Programmatic EIS For Pit Production

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The NNSA is making a Draft Supplement Analysis (SA) of the Complex Transformation Supplemental Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (SPEIS) available for public review and comment. NNSA will also publish a Notice of Availability (NOA) in the Federal Register on June 28, 2019 to announce the availability of the Draft SA.

NNSA is preparing the SA to determine whether, prior to proceeding with the action to produce plutonium pits at a rate of no fewer than 80 pits per year by 2030, the existing Complex Transformation SPEIS should be supplemented, a new environmental impact statement prepared, or no further National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) analysis is required. The Draft SA is an important element of the overall NEPA strategy related to fulfilling national requirements for plutonium pit production. DOE announced this NEPA strategy on June 10, 2019 (84 FR 26849).

NNSA invites Federal and state agencies, state and local governments, Native American tribes, industry, other organizations, and members of the public to submit comments on the Draft SA through August 12, 2019.

Written comments on the Draft SA should be submitted no later than August 12, 2019 and sent to: Ms. Jennifer Nelson, NEPA Document Manager, National Nuclear Security Administration, Savannah River Field Office, P.O. Box A, Aiken, SC 29802  or by email to: NEPA-SRS@srs.gov

Before including your address, phone number, email address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, please be advised that your entire comment—including your personal identifying information—may be made publicly available. If you wish for NNSA to withhold your name and/or other personally identifiable information, please state this prominently at the beginning of your comment. You may also submit comments anonymously.

The Draft SA for the Complex Transformation SPEIS is available here for your review: https://www.energy.gov/nepa/downloads/eis-0236-s4-sa-02-draft-supplement-analysis

More information on the Complex Transformation SPEIS is available here: