Summer Study Of The Jesus Prayer Offered At St. Job Of Pochaiv

mysteries of the jesus prayer


Over the next three months the women of Saint Job of Pochaiv Orthodox Church, a group called Pages and Prayers, will be studying the Jesus Prayer, “Lord, Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

The study will start with a showing of the movie “Mysteries of the Jesus Prayer” on Tuesday, June 25th at 6:30 pm.

“For nearly two millennia, the holy men and women of Eastern Christianity have built lives of reflection, humility, and constant connection to God around a simple sentence, the Jesus Prayer. Dr.Norris J. Chumley—a documentarian and professor—reveals the history, practices and abiding wisdom of this mystical tradition to the rest of the world.”

During the following month, they will be reading The Way of a Pilgrim by Nina A Toumanova. And July 23 they will meet again to discuss their readings.

“An anonymous Russian peasant of the nineteenth century sets out to seek the truth, attempting to follow St. Paul’s command to “pray without ceasing.” By chanting the Jesus Prayer he attains a greater intimacy with God. Generations of readers, including Christians of all persuasions, have benefited by reading of the pilgrim’s attempts to
discipline his mind toward a constant awareness of God’s presence as manifested through Christ’s mercy.”

The following month, on August 27 they will welcome Mele Tekosis, a young woman from Colorado Springs, Colo. who will teach them how to tie the knots to make an Orthodox prayer rope, an aid for the repetition of the Jesus Prayer.

The public is welcome to attend the movie and read with us, and learn
how to tie the prayer rope.