Christine Bernstein Announces Bid For School Board Seat


My name is Christine Bernstein and I am running for LAPS School Board.

When people ask me why I am running for School Board, I provide reasons that inspire long conversations I enjoy having and will continue to have with members of this community. I am running for LAPS school board because I want to be a voice for teachers, students, and parents. I want to be a voice for all.

In my 23 years as a teacher, I have wondered why others are making decisions about my job who do not know nor do the work of a teacher.  What I mean by this is that I am a professional in the classroom and my experience makes me an authority regarding educational decisions. Yet teachers are rarely represented in this decision-making process.  I will give teachers a voice when it comes to what happens in the classroom.

I am a parent of four kids that have been or are currently in this school district. While I have been pleased with many programs in this district and with aspects of the education my children are receiving, I have also been frustrated by a systemic disconnect. Decision-makers in this community, particularly those serving on the school board, can and should be better advocates for those students who need support outside of additional AP classes or IEPs.  I will take a hard, close look at specific student support practices in this district and be a voice for the parents of the students in the middle.

I am an active participant in this community. I want students in this community to feel valued and to be able to thrive as human beings. No matter what age, our students are important contributors to this community.  We need to be invested in our schools and our students. I will be a voice for the students themselves.

I am an advocate for change. We have a great district with good schools and amazing teachers.  Many teachers have the desire to try something new, work outside the box, and be innovative in their classrooms, but they do not have the support they need to change curriculum to best serve students at all levels. I want to help teachers think in new ways about education and to make learning meaningful to all students. I will be a voice for innovation in education.

As a School Board member I will support innovation, give teachers a strong voice and make sure we are doing all we can to make learning a top priority for all students no matter what their level. I will have conversations with stakeholders, learning how residents feel and what students need.  

My ideas here are brief, and I welcome and encourage anyone to please contact me to discuss education in our community further.

I am Christine Bernstein, for LAPS School Board.