County Clerk Naomi Maestas Announces Bid For Re-Election, Changes Registration To Democrat

IMG_1707.jpgLos Alamos County Clerk Naomi Maestas/Courtesy Photo


Los Alamos County Clerk has announced her bid for re-election in the 2020 election, but this time running as a Democrat.

“I am honored to announce my bid for re-election for the office of County Clerk as a Democrat in the 2020 election. During my time in the office, I have been dedicated to making elections more accessible for eligible voters and supporting legislation that removes barriers to democracy. I have changed my voter registration to the Democratic party because I feel their values most align with the work I have done,” Maestas said Friday afternoon.

Voting is a constitutional right, and I pledge to continue to pave a clear way for citizens to carry out that right. It has been my privilege to serve Los Alamos as your County Clerk, and I humbly ask for your support,” she said.

Democratic Party of Los Alamos Chair Catherine Ozment told the Los Alamos Reporter that during her three years as County Clerk, Maestas has supported legislation and policies that expand and protect access for eligible voters such as same-day voter registration and opportunities for early voting.

“As a testament to her hard work, Los Alamos County has one of the highest voter turnouts in the state.  The Democratic Party of Los Alamos County has always appreciated and respected Naomi’s work in the Clerk’s office, regardless of her registered political party.  The decision to change one’s voter registration is very personal, but we are delighted that Naomi has chosen to affiliate with the Democratic Party,” Ozment said.