Kudos To Everyone Involved In Friday’s Concert

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When the Big Head Todd and the Monsters gig was announced, I was concerned about what it would do to our concert series.  That concern grew when I heard ads on the radio in Santa Fe, and some fears that the crowd would be overwhelming.  And all the barricades going up were not a good sign.  But I kept an open mind as to how it would turn out.

The opening bands, DK and the Affordables and Eddy and the Nomads, were outstanding as usual.  The crowd was somewhat larger than average.  Then about 7 p.m. more people started arriving.  But the promoters and LAPD had prepared thoroughly, and the crowd, though larger than usual, was orderly and everyone was in a good mood to enjoy the great music.

And to see Russ Gordon there, and for him to be duly recognized for his many years of efforts in bringing the summer concerts to life was much appreciated.  Plus the vendors and the county were cooperating to make it a “no-waste” operation.  The whole event turned out to be a delight.

Kudos go out to everyone involved – the county staff and Sancre for all the preparations, the police and fire departments for being there and watching over it, and to all the chill people with a positive vibe.  Rock on, Los Alamos!

Jose Carreno
Los Alamos