Suspect Identified In White Rock Package Theft, Name Not Yet Released

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Los Alamos Police Department has identified a suspect in the theft of a package from outside a White Rock home captured by the owners on video surveillance.

LAPD Cmdr. Preston Ballew told the Los Alamos Reporter Thursday that the identity of the suspect is not being released and that the investigation is not complete. He said the charge for the theft of a package depends on the value of the contents and that in this case the contents were valued at less than $250 which would make it a petty misdemeanor.

The resident of the home, Lori Hollingsworth Lash posted the video and photos on social media and a story was published by the Los Alamos Reporter.

“I received an anonymous tip Tuesday evening and within 24 hours of posting the video and photos, people came together and solved this crime,” she said. “We may never recover  the contents of the package he stole but at least he will have to answer for his actions. Many thanks to everyone who shared, commented and provided important information and kept their eyes open for the vehicle in question.”

Hollingsworth Lash added that a strong message was collectively sent that Los Alamos County is not the place to come to to commit crimes

“We look out for our neighbors,” she said.