Emergency Management Active Shooter Based Full-Scale Exercise Held May 18 At UNM-LA

2 9409 Jenn Bartram (1).jpg

Aerial view of the scene behind UNM-LA Saturday during the Office of Emergency Management’s active shooter emergency exercise. Courtesy photo

DSC_0111.JPGLaw enforcement personnel arrive on the scene Saturday’s active shooter emergency exercise. Courtesy photo

DSC_0159.JPGLos Alamos Police Department Cpl. Natalee Trujillo, left, and Cpl. Adele McKenzie head up the stairs during the active shooter emergency exercise at UNM-LA. Courtesy photo

DSC_0004.JPGLos Alamos Police Cpl. James Keane at Saturday’s active shooter emergency exercise. Courtesy photo

9659 Jenn Bartram.jpgParticipants in the Office of Emergency Management emergency exercise Saturday. Courtesy photo

9621 Jenn Bartram (2).jpgA ‘victim’ is raised into a Los Alamos Fire Department ambulance during Saturday’s emergency exercise. Courtesy photo

DSC_0023.JPGLos Alamos Police Det. Matt Lyon participates in Saturday’s active shooter emergency exercise at UNM-LA. Courtesy photo


The Office of Emergency Management (OEM) hosted an active shooter based full-scale exercise on Saturday, May 18. Los Alamos Police, Fire, Emergency Management and Classic Air Medical all participated in preparing for and responding to an active shooter event.

The exercise provided valuable rescue task force training for those involved and gave each entity several ideas on how to improve their preparation and response.

OEM would like to thank UNM-LA for allowing us to conduct the exercise at their beautiful campus, and Los Alamos National Laboratory for their moulage team and evaluator support of the exercise. We would also like to thank Jenn Bartram and Kateri
Morris for providing photos of the exercise. Most of all we would like to personally thank all of the volunteers from the community who gave up a part of their weekend to assist public safety and emergency responders as volunteer actors:

  • Mike Walters
  • Jonathan Barone
  • Karen Fortson
  • Donna Martinez
  • Steven Baretta
  • Theresa McCorkhill
  • Chris Campbell
  • Maria Campbell
  • Marilyn Ramsey
  • Landon Harrison
  • Jennifer Neil
  • Paige Ramsey
  • Jose Carreno
  • Nancy Hibbs
  • Cindy Koehler
  • Tatiana Espinoza
  • Brandon Williams
  • Bob Harmon
  • Cyril Jakubowski