Two Local Gas Stations Convert To The Speedway Brand

IMG_1522.jpgGas dispensers take on a new look at the former Giant gas station on ‘Conoco Hill’. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Two Los Alamos gas stations are among 115 retail locations in New Mexico that have converted to the Speeedway brand in since April 23.

Stefanie Griffith, communications manager for Marathon Petroleum Corporation told the Los Alamos Reporter that customers will see new Speedway signage in both the interior and exterior of the stores, including ID signs, canopy, and dispenser signage.

“Customers will also see EMV (chip credit card reader) dispenser upgrades, bringing consumers enhanced security features, including encrypted credit and debit card technology, the latest in payment security features to help keep consumer personal information more secure, and enhanced safety from skimming devices,” Griffith said.  “While the signage may be changing, customers will continue to be greeted by the same friendly, helpful store associates that they have come to know and appreciate.”

Griffith said the most significant change will be the introduction of Speedy Rewards, Speedway’s loyalty program which provides customers with an opportunity to earn free merchandise and beverages, as well as the ability to accrue points on purchases that can be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards. Any customer can participate in Speedy Rewards and it is completely free.

Customers will be able to transfer their existing points to a new Speedy Rewards card. The discounts or points accumulated through Smith’s Marketplace can be used at any other Smiths/Kroger locations.

Those interested in applying to work for Speedway can go to\careers.


The former Giant brand sign on ‘Conoco Hill’ has been replaced with a new Speedway sign. Photo by Maire O’Neill/