Steinhaus Says Credible Threat At LAMS Wednesday But No Guns On Campus

LAMS101Los Alamos Middle School/Courtesy photo


Los Alamos Public Schools Supt. Kurt Steinhaus issued a statement to the media Wednesday evening concerning a lockdown situation earlier in the day at Los Alamos Middle School.

Steinhaus said LAMS went into lockdown at 10:56 a.m. LAMS administration announced the lockdown at 12:36 p.m. to parents by email.

“We had a security tip involving a student,” the email read. “To ensure student safety we placed the school on lockdown and will provide more information soon. Everyone is safe.”

A follow-up email was sent which reads as follows:

“We received a credible threat today generated through the SSARS anonymous tip App. Based on this tip the Middle School went into a Lock Down via LAPD. Because of our prior training and drills staff and students knew what to do and followed procedures really well. The investigation is complete and the threat no longer exists. The school is back on a normal schedule. Counselors from across the district deployed to LAMS and are available for students and families.”

That email was forwarded to media at 2 p.m.

Steinhaus’ statement said a tip was received from the ‘Say Something’ Anonymous Reporting App.

“School officials immediately began working with the Los Alamos Police Department first to focus on student and staff safety and then to fully investigate the tip. The staff responded quickly and the student was located. All of the students were safe. After the lock down, there were rumors of guns on campus. There were no guns on campus,” Steinhaus said.

He said when it was determined that everyone was safe, LAPS and the LAPD lifted the lockdown at 12:45 p.m. and the school went back on a regular schedule, finishing the school day on time. He said if needed, counselors were made available for students and staff.

“After school today, Principal Brian Easton and I held a debriefing session with staff.  I recognized the staff for their care for students and for doing an excellent job of handling the situation. LAPS would like to thank the Los Alamos Police Department for their professionalism and prompt response today,” Steinhaus said.

Rumors quickly appeared on social media following the lockdown including assertions that firearms had been brought on campus.

LAMS 7th grade counselor Jennifer Neil quickly responded saying there was no gun on campus.

“We followed procedure to keep your kids safe. I’m very proud of our students and how they handled themselves and our staff for how they took care of your kids. There are lots of rumors and gossip going around. Much of it is wrong. We really do care about your kids. I’ve heard many teachers say today that during the lock down they realized they would lay down their lives for their students,” Neil said.

LAPD declined to comment on the lockdown today, instead deferring to LAPS to release information.