New Wendy’s Restaurant Possible For Los Alamos, Sale Not Yet Closed

IMG_1659.jpgThe former McDonald’s at 1247 will possibly be demolished and the site redeveloped for a new Wendy’s. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


If the stars align, Los Alamos may have a Wendy’s drive-through restaurant on the site of the former McDonald’s at 1247 Trinity Drive.

Property manager Shannon C’De Baca of Shannon Corporation told the Los Alamos Reporter Tuesday afternoon that a group is thinking of buying the property, clearing it and redeveloping it with a new building for a Wendy’s.  She said the investors want to make sure they can get through all the Los Alamos County regulations before they close the sale.

The Los Alamos County Planning and Zoning Commission has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, May 22 to consider a request from JEA Restaurant Group, LLC/Wen Acquisitions 2LLC through their agent Craig Calvert of Modulus Architects for a site plan approval for the property.

County Community Development Director Paul Andrus said County Departments will review the application Thursday but he thinks it will be pretty straightforward. He said the investors more than likely wanted to make sure they have all entitlements for Planning and Zoning before they take the next step. Andrus said he doesn’t anticipate the project not being approved because the property is zoned for mixed use and its previous use was also as a fast food restaurant.

“The property has been vacant for a couple of years and it would be nice to see something new go in there. It’s an indication of ongoing private investment in the town which is a good thing,” he said.