Charges Filed Against Los Alamos Middle School Instructional Assistant

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Los Alamos Police Department has charged an instructional assistant at Los Alamos Middle School in Los Alamos Magistrate Court with two counts of distributing a controlled substance to a minor, first offense and two counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

A criminal summons was issued May 9 for Jordan Hammock, 22, of Los Alamos and a Court appearance has been scheduled for May 24.

Court documents indicate that LAPD Cpl. James Keane, a school resource officer at LAMS, was notified May 1 by LAMS administration that they had received a call from a parent claiming Hammock had “provided some form of drug” to two 14-year old eighth graders after school the previous day.

Keane’s statement of probable cause spoke to the two juveniles who told him they had arranged to get a ride “downtown” with Hammock earlier in the day and went to the Atomic City Transit bus stop on San Ildefonso Road to wait for her to pick them up. The girls claimed that when they reached the entrance of the horse stables Hammock grabbed a purple “dab pen” and passed it to one of them who then passed it to the other. They told Keane all three of them passed the dab pen around a couple of times.

Keane’s report says a dab pen is a long, thin smoking device that contains highly-concentrated THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, a crystalline compound that is the main active ingredient of cannabis).

The girls told Keane that Hammock drove them to El Parasol on Central Avenue where they both exited the vehicle and Hammock drove away. One girl told Keane she was “so high she vomited while at El Parasol. Both girls reported that the immediately felt high after smoking the dab pen.

Keane’s report states that he interviewed Hammock May 2, that she admitted to giving the two girls a ride and said they did smoke a dab pen in her car, however Hammock stated that she did not give the dab pen to them. Keane said Hammock stated the dab pen was sitting in the center console of her vehicle and one of the girls grabbed it and smoked it and then gave it to the other to smoke. He said Hammock told him she did not smoke the dab but the girls each took two hits.

Attempts to reach Los Alamos Public Schools administration for comment Thursday evening were unsuccessful.