Laurie Wheeler To Bring Homeopathy And Other Modalities To Town

Laurie Wheeler.jpgLaurie Wheeler, DiHom, CCH, DipGem, is taking clients in Los Alamos starting in May. Photo by Maire O’Neill/


Laurie Wheeler has worked in homeopathy for more than 25 years and she is ready to bring her knowledge to Los Alamos on Wednesdays starting in May.

She also works with Gemmotherapy which is a form of homeopathy used for cell regeneration and immunity building as well as Rife therapy which is a machine developed in the 1920s that destroys organisms that create cancer and other viruses.

“It’s very unique in the way it works. It works like radio frequency. I’ve used it for a long time but I use it for cancer patients or clients with Lyme disease or diseases that are pretty tough. And I work with flower essences. That’s a grouping that I call energy medicine,” Wheeler said.

She said she also has an alternate side to what she does.

“It’s called Dream Vision: The Journey of Discoveries. I work in Shamanic journey work, soul retrieval, past life regression, past life soul regression and lives between lives regression. That is very different from your average hypnotic work because it takes someone in their past life to the end, to that scene and then transitions them on into becoming one with their high self,” Wheeler said. “If you’ve ever done it before, it is magnificent. It’s who we really are in our pure soul form. And we all need to experience that because we really need to know who we really are in our authentic self and how wonderful we really all are. It’s a beautiful experience.”

She said she works with people of all ages, children, families and teenagers

“It’s not always easy to work with teenagers but for some reason I work well with them. I have four children of my own so I know what the teenage stage is like,” Wheeler said. “When they come, I think they feel very confident in the fact that I keep their information in the strictest of confidence. I’m non-judgmental because at the end of the day everybody has a story. What is the part of the story that is out of balance that needs to go back into balance again? That’s my job. To look for what’s the root of the problem and how to bring it back into that place. After being in practice for over 25 years I’ve looked for modalities that would work for that,” she said.

Wheeler said her story starts back in 1989.

“I built a house with my family and the water was very toxic and we became very ill, the whole family. And so in my search through conventional medicine I looked for healing for my family. We were really sick and when I couldn’t find a solution in conventional medicine I finally had a moment where I said I’ve got to find something different. I have to help my family. So I started alternative and I kind of grew through my alternative and when it came to homeopathic, that fit me and my family the right way,” she said.

Wheeler said simultaneous to that her family built a house on Native burial ground and that opened the realm of the spirit world to her because she had spirits on h her land. She said the good part is the spirits taught her things.

“That’s how I began to learn what I did. What was interesting was in my being ill I lost things like my memory and certain parts of my abilities but at the same time what increased was my intuition and capability to work in the unseen realm. That opened up this whole avenue of what I call spirit work or the unseen realm which is what it is. It’s not really something we see but we all see at a point when we’re in this certain waking time in the morning between actually waking up and being completely coherent and sleep; there’s this place called lucid dreaming and that’s certain brainwaves we’re in for a few moments. We all exist in that for a few moments or if we daydream. If you daydream, you can kind of go somewhere. Those are the places all this begins to exist in and this kind of work can happen,” she said.

Wheeler said the type of work she does is not very predominant in Los Alamos so she feels there might be a niche or an opportunity to bring it here. She will meet clients at Storkan Chiropractic, 2610 Trinity Drive next to the Reel Deal Theater.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 505.772.0970.