Community Invited To Sirphey’s Holi Celebration – An Indian Festival of Color Sunday

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Prashant Jain is inviting the community to join Sirphey and Unquarked for a Holi Festival Sunday, April 14. Courtesy photo
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Holi is the most colorful festival on earth, wherein communities come together for food, music, and of course, a color fight. Though it originated in Hindu tradition, it has evolved into a celebration for all of India, allowing those of all traditions to incorporate it into their New Year and Spring celebrations.
With the diaspora of people of South Asian descent around the world, Holi has become a global phenomenon, bringing a celebration of Spring, color, and community to the West.
And on Sunday, April 14, at 11am, Sirphey is hosting its first annual Holi festival at Fuller Lodge.
Sirphey will have color, music, food, and drinks for all ages at Sunday’s event with volunteers on hand to discuss the celebration with members of the community. Sirphey will have a variety of Indian road side snacks and colorful curries from Sirphey menus, as well as chai, mango lassis, and direct-trade Iconik coffee.
And Unquarked will be hosting a beer garden with wines and brews from New Mexico breweries and wineries. We encourage people to wear white for this event.